The Magic Touch

As a Black Belt in Kenpo he learned discipline. As a father of four he learned patience. As an aging human he learned how to make the hair on his head disappear! It wasn't until his hair was gone that Thomas Holmes discovered his gift for magic. The Great Baldini began his quest to bring Smiles to the masses through magic and laughter.

You can bring the magic of The Great Baldini to your next event. Simply click on the "summon the bald one" link for more information or to send him a message. The Great Baldini would love to bring a smile to your day!

An Unexpected Blog

The Great Baldini would like to thank Lady The Fearless for sharing her wonderfully written story. Click Here to read all about it.

The Great Baldini

“   Magic is one of those things that transcends age, background and even language. Everyone is walking around with magic within them; it's my hope to be able to share mine and remind you of yours   ”

Bald Credentials

The Great Baldini is a proud and active member of the following fine institutions:

Rhode Island Societies of Magicians

The Ocean State's finest magical societies, visit them online at



Society of American Magicians

Magicians united from sea to shining sea can be found at their homepage



International Brotherhood of Magicians

Even oceans can't contain the power of magic at


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